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We believe that Jesus calls His church to take care of the disadvantaged, the needy, and those who cannot help themselves. This was the example of Jesus and a defining feature of the Church throughout its history.


We, as a local church, are limited in what we can do in our city, but happy about the existence of specialized organizations with which we can collaborate. Below you will find some organizations that we recommend and the field in which they operate.

be again
How was the "Becoming" project born again?

My name is Cosmin Dinu and I am just one of the representatives of the Association "Youth for Youth Romania" who strongly believes in the realization of this project.


I can say that I enjoyed a quiet existence, in a context favorable to a harmonious development. I was born in Bucharest and I had the chance to grow up in a balanced environment, surrounded by love, in a family that knew how to teach me to be, above all, a human being.


But, for many of the homeless people we find on the streets of today's Bucharest, a life like the one I lived is nothing more than a beautiful dream.


And yet, don't they deserve a second chance too? Shouldn't we stop for a moment and ask ourselves if we can't give others at least a little of the good that has been given to us in full, from the time and resources we have?


We hope that you will be with us in our attempt to give homeless people a chance at social reintegration, to restore their hope, dignity and to help them become independent citizens again.


You can do this by supporting the activity of the transition center that we set up for this purpose in our project.

Who we are?

Climb Again's vision is to give people with disabilities a chance at a normal life, creating a framework in which they can reach their potential, just as people without disabilities do.


Climb Again Association is a non-governmental organization affiliated to the Romanian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (FRAE), founded and led by Claudiu Miu, former Balkan climbing champion. Since 2014 Climb Again organizes free sessions of climbing therapy, kineto and physiotherapy and psychology for children and young people with disabilities.


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A family for every child!

THE ROMANIA WITHOUT ORPHANS ALLIANCE unites non-governmental organizations, churches, companies, public and private persons with a single goal: for each child to benefit from the love, support and security of belonging to a family.


Our desire is that, working together, we inspire and equip people "to do good, to seek justice, to help the oppressed" and especially "to take care of orphans." Our initiatives include the ARFO Annual Summit, ReFresh Camp, “Orphan Sunday” and the “Trauma Understanding and Treatment Training Consortium”.


Rather than creating a program, ARFO aims to mobilize the whole society to show concern for children in difficulty. We dream of Romania becoming a country of people who invest their time, talents and resources in caring for these children.


What can you do?


Find out: enter this world, meet children who need a family, talk to specialists and adoptive families.


Supports an adoptive / foster family or supports an organization that supports adoptions (with time, finances, encouragement, expertise, etc.).


Take the necessary steps to adopt, foster or become a foster carer.


Get involved in a local group.


It financially supports the work of ARFO or other organizations involved in this area


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