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For 13 weeks in a Romanian family

When I met Alexandru, I knew instantly that we were going to become fast friends. Laughter is a deep love of mine, and it is his as well. Once we began talking more, it was also clear he is a lover of storytelling, something that I cherish. I have learned a lot in the past 13 weeks of sharing my home with him, and his family. If you’ll allow me, let me take the next few minutes and share his story with you.

He grew up in under the influence of a Christian grandmother, however he wanted nothing to do with that. She pushed him to learn scripture and to pray, but he ran and ran. After reaching adolescence he was finally able to “get out from her pressure”. He began living for the simple pleasures of the moment and soon entered the military. He has an internal drive to not be dependent upon any other. He learned to sew, plant, work machines as well as be a good solider. During his late teens he met his wife and began the process of “chasing her”. Her father, however was not a fan, he was a believer and wanted his daughter as far away from him as possible. Not to be deterred by this, and determined to get what he wanted, he went and took her and that was that. They were married not long after this and began their lives together.

He would be gone for weeks at a time with the military and upon his return one year, Maria (his wife) had given her life to the Lord. He wasn’t upset by this at all, and in fact wished her well knowing however that “none of that was a life for me”. He never prevented her to live her life for the Lord, she raised her children in church and he would even go on days of celebration or special occasion in order to support his family. He was never an angry man, but did indulge often in drink and smoking, which would drastically change the way in which his family and him interacted. Around 5 years ago, he decided to stop drinking and smoking, he was convicted in many areas of his life he says, but when talking to me about this, he worded it this way “I am not yet a believer, but I made a covenant with the Lord that I will not drink or smoke again.” It was clear to me then that for many years the Lord has been quietly and patiently chasing after Alexanandru’s heart.

Then the war came. His family left their home and farm in order to flee to safety. They have been in the visa process for four years to reunite their family with their daughter in America, however, for “some reason” there has always been a problem with their case. Upon arrival in Romania, their family landed in my living room, and for the past 13 weeks has lived there. Very early on in their time with us it became clear to me that he has spent his life running from the clear pursuit of the Lord. I began to pray and that the Lord would continue to open his eyes to the Truth through the power of the scripture.

However, as in all things the enemy had to make it harder. He reads a mixed language between both Russian and Romanian. This is a very old way to read and they no longer print Bibles in this language. Praise the Lord His body is large and many. Through the prayers of many, networking of multiple people and churches, exactly two Bibles in this language. For the first time in his life Alexandru had his own Bible, as well as we were able to get his wife a replacement for hers as it was lost in the transport. Although I have been a believer for many years, I have never been humbled more by how someone truly can read the Word with a hunger. Within the first 4 weeks of having the Bible, Alexandru had read each of the gospels 7 times. The power of the Word of God, living and active, has had an amazing impact upon his life. He has began to weekly attend church, and is continuing to feast on the Word of God daily. While they still do not know what will become of their visa attempt, and have nothing to return to in Ukraine, we know that in this period of waiting the Lord is actively working in his heart.

Oh that we would see the day, soon, that Alexandru surrenders himself fully to the Lord.


Ukraine Bucharest Churches '22 (UBC22) is a Christian-humanitarian-Christian initiative to help refugees from Ukraine. This initiative brought together 9 local churches and Christian organizations that put their resources together, to be a blessing for those who are going through the suffering caused by the war in Ukraine. Find out more on this Facebook Page. Ajutor Refugiati - UBC22.

Adaptare text: Lavi Vînătoru

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